Forms Are Dead - Live Chat Is the New King of Conversions

Web forms used to be the standard in lead collection but overtime they’ve come to strike dread into the hearts of website browsers. Putting your information into a form can feel like a message in a bottle – unclear when or how you will get a response.  Communication that only goes in one direction breaks down quickly. Entering your information into a form is now ubiquitous with never getting a response or, worst, getting spammed.  

If a consumer is going to provide their contact details they will need to understand the value they are going to receive in return. In exchange for the information (and time spent filling out the form), the user intends to see a reward in the form of a completed action or request. When forms are not optimized, users abandon them and are not likely to revisit the website. 

Don’t believe us? Let’s look at the data. Forms have a conversion rate of 21.5%, while live chat increases conversions by 40%.  Having an annoying form on your website makes the user's experience worst, which in this world can mean you could likely lose them as a customer to your competitor. 

How Live Chat Works To Boost Your Business 

Live chat isn’t a new concept, it’s the same concept as having sales members in your store – only online. You wouldn’t let someone wander for hours through your showroom, why would it be the same for your website? Conventional communication is vital to help clients feel connected to your brand. 

Benefits of Live Chat Services 

Live chat increases conversions in the following ways: 

  • Provides personalized experience. Some users don't need sales assistance but would benefit from sales recommendations. Set up live chat to increase conversions when users visit your site. A sales representative helps site visitors easily navigate your website and make purchases. Live chatting creates a more personalized user experience than forms. 
  • Improves user experience. Users get value for the information they give when they use live chat services. They get timely answers to their sales inquiries. It provides an instant response without needing them to wait for a rep to get in touch by email or phone. To improve user experience, make your chat service interactive. Requiring them to fill out forms at every sales point decreases conversion rate and several deal opportunities. 
  • Connect a site visitor to your sales representative. Live chat increases conversions through proactivity. It reaches out to people by prompting them to engage by starting the conversation. With live chat services, agents use some tools to assist the onboarding processes of clients. Tools like screen-sharing and video apps explain specific sales processes to online shoppers. It helps your sales agents make product recommendations based on the customer's sentiment, tone, and urgency. Use the live chat to create a better user experience and build brand loyalty. 
  • Makes a site visitor's sales journey productive. Live chat makes it easier to find and understand information. If users can't find the information they need, a live chat widget steps in to help them out. It minimizes the repetition of sales actions. Only give your clients the option of forms when you need them to wait for a follow-up email. 

Ditch Forms, Use Live Chat To Get More Conversions on Your Website 

Get a boost for your business with a more responsive channel: live chat. Live chat increases conversions and provides a personalized user experience. A recent survey shows 8 out of 10 online businesses have a Conversational Marketing solution that improves user experience. The information confirms the necessity of having a Conversational Marketing strategy to fuel your business. 

A live chat option will effectively replace web forms on your website. Your site visitors prefer live chat for convenience, efficiency, and speed. Chatting with a live human is a better experience than submitting a form and waiting for a response. Not only does live chat increase conversions, it provides an instant response: Users don't need to wait for brands to get in touch. Getting answers to questions on product differences or viewing a product in person over video makes a huge difference. 

Unlock The Power of Live Chat For Your Business 

We understand it's hard to break out of the traditional way of getting information through web forms. Let us help you and see live chat increase conversions on your website. Book a demo with us today and see how live chat turns your website browsers into buyers. 

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