Top Tips to Improve Your Dealership Website's Calls to Action Conversion Rates

According to the 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study, 70% of car buyers say they’re more likely to buy from a dealership if they can start the process online. So, it makes sense that it is important for dealerships to put an emphasis on their online experience.  

If you are a dealership looking to improve your website performance, optimizing your calls-to-actions (CTAs) is one of the easiest ways to boost your conversion rates. CTAs do exactly what they say – they are meant to get prospects to take an action on your website. CTAs can be powerful – it can be the difference between many leads and zero leads. That said, many dealership websites are guilty of overusing CTAs and having too many of them at the same time. What they don't understand is that this causes them to lose sales because customers are overwhelmed with choices. 

While speaking about the art of choosing in a TED talk, Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia Business School, said, "Too many choices can overwhelm us and cause us to not choose at all. For businesses, this means that if they offer us too many choices, we may not buy anything." Reducing the amount of CTAs and replacing online forms with an engaging option, like Live Chat, where potential car buyers can get actual answers, can boost your car dealership website conversion rates. 

Tips for Improving Dealership Calls to Action 

Although often short, dealership calls to action have a tremendous impact on the efficacy of your website. This is especially true when the CTAs are used correctly. 

If your dealership call-to-action buttons are not generating the desired results, here are some tips to boost your conversion rates. 

  1. Avoid too many CTAs

CTA overload is a common problem for dealership sites. To market cars and offerings, dealers often use multiple CTAs like banners, pop-ups, and forms to generate leads and sales. While prompting prospects sounds great, the truth is that too many CTAs can be overwhelming and distracting for visitors. They cause shoppers to fall into the decision fatigue trap, which triggers analysis paralysis, so they end up not purchasing. 

Car purchasing is already stressful, so it's best not to give shoppers more work to find the answers they need. Consider these ideas to improve the conversion rate: 

  • Selling cars requires the buyer to trust your dealership, so provide value by offering to answer questions. Don't just push prospects to a bunch of forms asking for their information. 
  • Limit the number of CTAs on a page to three or less. Focus on the goal — getting someone to buy a car. Make sure to provide the CTAs with some context. 
  • Do not place CTAs too close together. This helps ensure their messages do not overlap. 
  • Ensure your CTAs stand out — make CTA buttons large enough and different from other buttons on the page. 
  • Be clear and align your dealership's call to action buttons with a purpose. 
  1. Use the live chat

Live chat is another useful tool for increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. For instance, while CTAs, like forms, deliver an average conversion rate of 21.5%, the live chat conversion rate is 40%. According to ICMI, live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per hour. 

Many dealership websites use forms to capture prospects' information and inquiries to follow up with their needs. The catch is that these forms don't start a conversation; they are a barrier to entry. 

Live chats offer an engaging alternative to web forms. Actually, many website visitors prefer live chats over filling out web forms — 73% of customers opt for live chats because it provides a clear path to getting direct answers (Source: Econsultancy). 

Chat allows prospects to ask qualifying questions and start a conversation immediately. The most exciting thing is that it provides instant response, meaning web visitors don't need to wait for brands to get in touch. 

Overall, live chat makes it easy for shoppers to decide, meaning they are more likely to purchase after chatting. In other words, it helps establish trust. 

Sell more cars with Optimy live chat 

Consumer satisfaction with car buying has increased with digitization, reaching an all-time high of 72% in 2021, up from 60% in 2019. 

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