Testimonial: How Optimy Increased Conversion Rates for Ian Gray's Salmon Arm GM Dealership

Ian Gray, owner and GM of Salmon Arm GM in BC, talks about how Optimy has brought his dealership showroom experience online, improved his website conversion rates and increased leads for his dealership.

"Our conversion rate on chat with our current provider or our past provider was somewhere between 1% and 2%...We're now at 8% to 10%"

Watch the video to hear Ian talk more about his experience with Optimy.


Q: Please introduce yourself
A: My name is Ian Gray. I'm the owner and general manager of SalmonArm GM in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

Q: How long have you been an Optimy customer?
A: So we joined Optimy, I'm going to say five or six months ago.

Q: What's your favourite thing about working with Optimy?
A: The attention that Stacey and his team at Optimy have given us. As you can imagine, we've worked with all kinds of outside sources, but the fact that they're a Canadian company and they're really tuned in to making what we want to have, happen, not just sort of a cookie-cutter, this is what we can do. I think that's probably their biggest advantage.

Q: How has Optimy changed your digital experience for your potential customers?
A: They've got us another step closer to my realization, which is when people go on our website, I kind of look at it as them going on our lot and looking at all of our inventory and our services, except they get to do that at a way more advanced level. They get to do it when it's convenient for them. They get to look at cars on the inside, and the outside.

They get to look at your Google reviews, just anything at all out there that you'd put out there to promote your business. And currently, they leave, and then we hope that they email us back and ask us to engage them and potentially earn their business.

So with our current chat tool, as we all know, sometimes they can be annoying and most of us ignore them.

Optimy is helping us take that to a new level where that interaction can almost be like it is when people come on your lot in the first place, where we can greet them while they're still online and we can potentially build that relationship of trust that would take us to potentially the sale and the service that we want to provide them.

Q: How has Optimy improved the performance of chat on your site?
A: Yeah. So one of the things that we talked to Optimy about was the fact that our conversion rate on chat with our current provider or our past provider was somewhere between 1% and 2%, which is low, but I think it's probably fairly normal out there. I think people are inundated with chat and for the most part, tune it out.

We're now at 8% to 10%. And I believe once we actually achieve what Optimy and Stacy and the team are trying to help develop for us, we'll get that number into the 15% to 20% range. So we're super excited about it. It's probably one of the most exciting sorts of opportunities that I see with the online side of the business that we've experienced in a long time.

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